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 Become a Certified Home Inspector

The field of Home Inspection is a great market to get into since the real estate market has finally turned the corner a bit. There were some very dark days in the Home Inspection business in 2008- 2010, but with the economy stabilizing and with more people actively looking to buy a home, it's a GREAT time to get some training and become a certified Home Inspector. Interest rates are at historic lows and there are literally millions of great homes on the market at bargain prices. It's truly a "buyer's market" out there - is there a better time to enter the Home Inspection business?

In my humble opinion....NO.

Here are my reasons for that opinion:

not since the days after WWII have there been more great homes for sale than there are today. True - many are bank repossessed homes since the huge economic downturn, and it's truly sad that so many hardworking people have lost their homes. I'm a blue-collar sort of guy myself, and I feel their pain. Nothing hurts worse than going BACKWARD.

But back to the Home Inspection business....the tide is turning, ever-so-slowly, but surely. People are getting back to work, and you can't hold down the American people for long. They're out there busting their cabooses to get back on top, to provide a nice home for their families, and here's where YOU come in.

As a certified Home Inspector, you'll be their savior. By that I mean - you'll be the knowledge between allowing a person to buy a defective home or making them happy home-owners. You'll be responsible for pointing out the gritty reality of the problems that exist in their prospective home purchase, and you'll be the EDUCATOR who alerts the home-buyer to potential problems BEFORE they become a problem. Are you up for it?

It's a great responsibility, if you think about it. And I hope you do. You will be paid to protect the interests of working stiffs who go to work every day, and give their ALL to earn a living and provide their family with a comfortable, trouble-free home. You'll be a paid professional, not much different from your doctor or dentist or car mechanic - a specialist. Except YOUR specialty will be sniffing out existing and potential problems in a home. In a best-case scenario, you will take that responsibility very seriously. Because the dreams and savings and hard work of your clients will be riding upon what you find during that home inspection.

To clarify - you will be contracted to (and working for) your home-buying clients. At some point in your home inspection career, you will be faced with some ethical decisions about who butters your bread. Are you strong enough to choose the RIGHT path?

In the short term, a home inspector can become a "pet" inspector to real estate agents. A favorite. The inspector who is called whenever a home buyer needs an inspection. That's fine, as long as the realtor realizes that you are an independent contractor and you make your OWN decisions regarding a home inspection. In short, you tell the buyer THE TRUTH, regardless of how bad the real estate agent needs to sell that home. I've pissed off countless realtors by telling the buyer that - yes- you'll need to replace that furnace within a few years, or....the roofing will need to be replaced immediately. In some cases, you'll lose that realtor's business and referrals.

So what? Will you sleep well at night, knowing that you saved a family from countless headaches and huge repair bills? I hope so.

If your priorities lie with the home buyer, then you might be right as a Home Inspector. They're not always loved, but they're respected as the person who sometimes saves the home buyer from an expensive mistake.

As an example, I inspected a home in upstate NY and found that the basement wall was moving inward because frost was pushing the concrete patio through the basement wall. I didn't hesitate to say that it was a major problem....a HUGE defect. I never got another "referral" inspection from that realtor. Initially, I felt that I had made a big mistake regarding my home inspection business. This particular realtor had recommended me for about 2 inspections per week for several years, so yes - it was a major loss of income.

Do I feel RIGHT about my inspection report? Absolutely. I did my job. I pointed out a major defect that would have cost the home-buyer (as it turns out, from estimates) $12,000.

Your job, as a Home Inspector, will be SAVING GOOD PEOPLE FROM BAD HOMES.

If you can look at a home sale a detached observer...and remind yourself of who you are working for, then you may be a great candidate for a Home Inspector.

 As a Certified Home Inspector, you should have:

- a decent working knowledge of modern construction, and modern construction techniques. Your home inspection training will get you up to date on this, but a good knowledge of the construction business is helpful.

- a working knowledge of the major systems in a home...such as heating systems, water delivery systems, and roofing techniques. As I've said, your Home Inspection training will bring you up to date on much of this, but it never hurts to have some prior experience in the field. If you are a former construction contractor, plumber, heating specialist, will be welcomed into the field of home inspection.

Check out our links. You can educate yourself about the requirements of becoming a certified Home Inspector in your state or province, how to build your Home Inspection business, how and WHY to form an LLC home inspection business, and how to keep tax records of your business activities. We'll also educate you about your liability insurance and provide links to places to get continuing education in your Home Inspection career.

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