Benefits of Starting Your OWN Home Inspection Business

    Naturally, there are benefits to starting your own Home Inspection business, as opposed to joining a Home Inspection franchise.
   For me, one of the biggest benefits to starting my OWN business was that it taught me how the business world works. It taught me how to evaluate the relationship between the selling realtor, the buyer, the seller, and myself as a Home Inspector. Once you gain a bit of insight into this complicated relationship, you'll see that the best way for you to fit into it, and prosper in your own Home Inspection business, is to pay attention to the needs of your Home Inspection client.

   Which leads me to the  BIGGEST benefit of running your own Home Inspection business - the sense of purpose and satisfaction that you get from knowing that you provided a great service to your client. You pointed out any existing problems with the systems and components in the home, you alerted them to things that MAY become a problem in the future, and you provided all of that insight at a reasonable price. If you're part of a home inspection franchise, the franchise will be credited for your work. Personally (being selfish) I'd prefer that MY OWN BUSINESS was credited with doing a great job for my home inspection client - wouldn't you? 

   As the person at the helm of your own business, you can control your professional business IDENTITY, and the professional IMAGE that your business projects. A home inspector who is part of a home inspection franchise will not have the freedom to alter the identity of the business, except perhaps as your own contribution to the success of that business through your professionalism.

   Another benefit to running your OWN business is scheduling your activities. To be realistic, it will take several years (yes, YEARS) for your Home Inspection business to be self-sustaining. Unless you are extremely lucky or have A LOT of contacts within the real estate business, it will be awhile before you are able to support yourself with your Home Inspection business. If you're like most of us, you'll need to have another way to pay your bills while you build your Home Inspection business. That's where the freedom to create and alter your own schedule comes in handy. You'll be able to schedule your Home Inspections according to your other work schedule or family obligations. Need to pick the kids up from soccer practice at 4? You can schedule your inspection for noon to give you time to meet that obligation. Working your other job until 5 PM? Schedule that inspection either before or after work or on the weekend. See the benefits of making your own hours?