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Selling a Home:
How to Generate
in Your Home

Sellers can benefit by getting a pre-market home inspection as well!
Having your home inspected BEFORE you put it on the market gives
you an immediate and distinct advantage over other sellers in your
Here's how it works:
You hire a qualified Home Inspector to perform a complete home
inspection on the property you are selling.If everything checks out
(no major defects), then you have an immediate advantage over
every other home for sale in your area.The inspector furnishes you
with a printed report stating that there are no major defects with the
home at the time of the inspection. This tells every prospective buyer
that your home has ALREADY been inspected for defects before they
even tour the home. They'll no longer wonder if there are any
unpleasant surprises waiting for them if they purchase your home.
If the inspector discovers a problem or defect with the
home,you'll have a chance to correct it before a prospective buyer
discovers it, and uses it to negotiate a reduced offer...possibly many
times the actual price to correct the defect.You may decide to adjust
your selling price to reflect the defect that needs to be corrected, or
you may have the problem corrected so that you can get the MOST
out of your home sale.If you correct the defect, you should contact
your inspector to re-inspect the property and verify that repairs have
been made, and issue you a printed report stating that there are no 
major problems with the home.  

Could there BE a better selling tool than telling prospective buyers
that your home has no major defects???

So, for a few hundred dollars in inspection costs, you stand to:
  • sell your home FASTER, and for top dollar
  • gain an immediate advantage over other sellers in your area
  • reduce the chances of a buyer discovering a defect and
    souring the deal
  • eliminate 11th-hour negotiations over the monetary value
    of repairs
In addition....a seller has the option of choosing their own
than being at the mercy of the buyer's choice 
of inspectors. 
The report will show that you're bargaining in 
good faith, and might 
  • buyer to accept defects in the
    home that they otherwise 
  • may NOT have.



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