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FTC Disclosure / Disclaimer

The information on this website was created to educate home buyers (and sellers) about Home Inspections and to help them understand how the inspection process relates to their home purchase. I enjoy updating the website and adding tidbits of information that may be helpful to my readers.

Of course, it's nice to be compensated for my efforts for fees related to the website...the yearly site registration renewal, hosting fees, etc.

So you may notice that there are various advertisements posted on the pages of this website. These ads include, but are not limited to, SPONSORED ADS by Google's Adsense program, and these ads appear on the left, right, top or bottom of these pages. They are clearly identified as "Ads by Google".

Here's how the Google Adsense program works:

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A publisher can earn income in several ways through the Adsense program: per click, and per impression (page view of a page containing a Google-sponsored ad). If you were to visit a website and click on a Google-sponsored ad, then Google shares a portion of the advertising revenue with the publisher. This varies from a few pennies to a few dollars, depending upon many factors.

So I am hereby disclosing that yes, I earn a few dollars through these ads (just about enough to cover fees associated with the upkeep of the website).

Just to clarify to my readers- I do not specifically endorse any product or service that is advertised through the Google Adsense program. My job is to display these advertisements, not to endorse what they offer. My website is simply an advertising MEDIUM between the advertisers and Google, and I assume no responsibility for any transaction between a reader and any advertiser whose product or service is marketed via Google Adsense. To summarize, my only affiliation is with the Google Adsense program, not with the individual advertisers whose campaigns are administered through the Adsense program.

I assume no responsibility for your interaction with these advertisers, although I have researched the reputations of each and found them to be in good standing. In good faith, I would not display advertisements to my readers through any advertiser that I knew to be misleading or disreputable.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this legal gibberish, and I hope you find  ALTASUP to be informative and helpful.
                                                                                                          - Ken



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