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Forced Warm Air Furnace
Inspection Template


Location of furnace______________ Brand______________________

Age of Unit____________________ BTU rating___________________

Date of last service_________________________________________

Distance off Floor________________ Water damage? Y____ N____

Top clearance to floor joists (basement locations)__________________

Furnace Filter Type: Disposable____ Other____ Size______________

Condition of Furnace Filter___________________________________

Adequate ventilation for heating unit ? Y____ N____

Rust / Cracks / Leakage Y____ N____ Describe__________________

Soot / Evidence of misfiring or poor combustion  Y____N____


Type of exhaust venting ____________Material:__________________

Heating unit vented to: Power Vent ____ Chimney____ Other_____

Chimney thimble? Y____ N____ Condition______________________

Does unit share a chimney with another appliance? Y____ N____

Condition of exhaust venting material___________________________

Evidence of water intrusion from chimney?  Y____ N____

Gaps / Leakage of exhaust gases Y____ N____


Location of Fuel Tank_________________ Condition_______________

Age of Fuel Tank if known___________ Moisture damage? Y____ N____

Tank leg supports (condition)___________________________________

Fuel leakage? Y____ N____  Condition of Fuel Line_________________

Fuel Line Material___________________________________________

Fuel Line Routing___________________________________________

Fuel Line Filter  present? Y____ N____ Type______________________


Safety Shutoff present? Y____ N ____  Location of shutoff____________

Operation of safety shutoff____________________________________

Proximity of shutoff to heating unit______________________________


Was furnace operated? Y____ N____ If not, reason:________________

Note delayed combustion_____ Poor Combustion_________________

Carbon Monoxide Tester used? Y ____ N_____ Results:____________

Combustion Analyzer used? Y____ N____ Results_________________

Were Normal Operating Controls used to operate furnace? Y____ N____

Location of Thermostat:______________________________________

Operation of Thermostat _____________________________________

Doors / Access Panels / Covers in place? Y____ N____

Flame observed? Y____ N____Note dirty flame___________________

Evidence of Heat Exchanger damage? Y____ N____


Operation of Equalization Damper_____________________________


Time Frame: Combustion until Blower kicks on_____________________

Delayed Blower Operation? Y____ N____ Notes:___________________

Excessive Noise or Vibration? Y____ N____ Notes:_________________


Insulated ____ Un-insulated_____Type of Insulation_________________

Number of Duct runs from furnace plenum:________________________

Dampers on Duct work? Y____ N____ Operation___________________

Duct Hangers: Adequate? Y___ N____ Notes:_____________________

Fresh Air Intake present? Y____ N____ Notes:_____________________

Number of Fresh Air Intakes:___________________________________

Note air leakage around joints__________________________________

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