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How long does a Home Inspection take?

   Well, that depends partially on the size of the home. Naturally
it will take longer to inspect a 5000 square foot home than one
half that size. As a rule of thumb, a good home inspector will
spend at LEAST 2 and a half to 3 hours, or more, to inspect a
typical home. If a home inspector promises to be in & out of
your home in an hour, then look for a different inspector. There
is no possible way to inspect and test all the systems and 
components in a home in less than 2 and a half hours, and that's
for a home less than 2500 SF. For larger homes, it may take 4
hours or more to inspect a home properly.
Stop Watch Icon   It amazes me that some inspectors actually
ADVERTISE that they'll inspect your home in an
hour! Is there any better way to say "I'll do a rush
job of your inspection"? In my opinion, you're
investing in a property that you'll be living in, and
paying for, for many years, and you deserve a
homeinspector who will respect that investment by doing a good,
thorough job. Anything less than 100% effort and attention to detail
by your inspector is a waste of your money.
Why Spend That Much Time?  

Here's Why:

   Awhile back, I read a story about a home inspector who prided
himself on quick inspections. In less than an hour after he arrived,
he'd be on his way. His inspection reports were the paper checklist
type, where he'd check off the components as he went. Not only is
this an inferior reporting system, but it left him the opportunity to
do a hasty job by indiscriminately checking off components that he
hadn't inspected. Of course, his business methods caught up to him.
   A week after inspecting a home for a young couple, he received
an angry phone call. While moving a sofa through the front door on
moving day, the new owner broke his leg when the rotted floor
collapsed. In his haste, the inspector had checked off the floor
structure as "satisfactory" without ever looking at it. 

   So yes....doing a complete, thorough inspection takes awhile,
but would you want to pay for anything less? Of course not.





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