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Benefits of a
Home Inspection

 Think you don't need a Home Inspection?
Think again!

   Compare the way you shop for a car with the way you shop
for a house:    

   If you're like me, you look closely at the WARRANTY details
when you're buying a car. How well is the car covered after you
roll it off the lot?  A new car will normally have some decent
warranty coverage, while a used car often doesn't.  You may end
up paying a deductible on the car warranty, but at least most of
the components are covered when you buy a new one. 

   As for me, whenever I buy a used vehicle, I enlist the help of
my friend who happens to be a mechanic.  He checks the vehicle
over for defects that I might have missed, because I consider a
car a BIG investment. His expertise about cars far exceeds my own,
so I trust him to tell me if the car is going to need any major repairs
in the near future.  This is a ritual that's repeated every time I'm
looking for a new set of wheels.
   Now compare what I've told you about my car shopping ritual
with the way people view buying a home. 
   The initial investment (down payment) on a home is a sizable
chunk of money to start with.  Add your monthly mortgage payment
to that for 15-30 years and you're looking at, many times, over
$1 MILLION!!!!  
Isn't it ironic that we want a certain level of assurance when buying
a car,but we skimp on that assurance when buying a home that will
cost up to TWENTY TIMES more than a vehicle? 
   It's understandable that when you're buying a home, you have a
lot of worries and expenses related to that purchase, so you decide
against ordering a home inspection to save a little cash.  After all,
everything LOOKS okay, and your cousin Vinny the drywall installer
even walked through it and told you it's a gem, right?
    The simple truth is, different people have different areas of 
expertise. Vinny might be the best drywall man in the world, but can
he spot a faulty heating system, an undersized wire in an electrical
branch circuit, or an obscure defect in a foundation wall that could
cost you thousands to have repaired?  Probably not.  That's the
reason I look up my mechanic friend when I buy a used car: 
I'm a great home inspector, but I wouldn't knowan engine relay
switch from an iPOD when it comes to cars.
   The point I'm making is NOT to trust your biggest investment to 
the opinions of those who aren't qualified.  You've probably heard
this tag-line before, but it's worth repeating:

A home inspector will help you by:

-  pointing out possible safety issues that could
   endanger you or your children
-  inspecting the basement for water intrusion
   and proper construction
-  checking the structural integrity of the home
-  checking the condition of the roof, plumbing,
   electrical, heating and air conditioning systems
-  making sure that any major appliances that are
   included in the home purchaseare in working order 
-  inspecting the driveway, retaining walls, grading
   and drainage of the property and  alerting you to
   any negative slope situations
-  pointing out any ventilation or insulation issues
   in the attic that could lead to roof failure, mold,
   or moisture problems
-  checking any fireplaces or heating devices for safe
   clearances and evidence of failure
-  inspecting all gutters, downspouts, soffit, eaves and
   fascia for damage, rot and other defects.


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