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Printable Inspection Template for
Hydronic Heating Unit (Boiler)


Number of Heating Units_______

Location of unit(s) :_________________________________________

Brand(s)_____________________Serial #(s)____________________

Age of unit(s)____________________Last service date____________

Distance off floor_______________Overhead Clearance____________

Evidence of Water Damage? Y____N____ Describe_______________

Note Rust / Corrosion_______________________________________

Doors / Access Panels in place? Y____N____

Note evidence of soot / improper ignition________________________

Proper Ventilation clearance for heating unit? Y____N____


Oil_____Propane_____Natural Gas_____Other___________________

Fuel storage location_______________Evidence of Leakage? Y__N___

Note Fuel Odors___________________________________________

Fuel Line Material: Copper___Black Pipe___Galvanized____Other____

Fuel line routing:___________________________________________

Condition of Fuel Storage Tank(s)______________________________

Fuel Filter Present? Y____N____Type__________Size_____________


Number of Circ. Pumps_____Condition_________________________

Shutoffs present for each pump? Y____N____Notes:_______________

Type of Shutoff Valves (if present)______________________________

Evidence of Leakage at Valves? Y____N____Notes:_______________


Supply Line Material________________________________________

Return Line Material________________________________________

Size of Supply Lines_____________Return Line(s)________________

Condition of Piping Material__________________________________

Evidence of Leakage? Y____N____Notes:______________________

Single Pipe System_____Double_____Double Reverse____________


Presence of Safety Shutoff Y____N____Location__________________

Proximity of Shutoff to Heating Unit:_____________________________

Thermostat present for each circ. pump (zone)? Y____N____

Thermostat Location(s)______________________________________

Thermostat(s) Operational? Y____N____Notes:___________________

If Gas unit, drip leg present? Y____N____

Pressure Relief Valve present? Y____N____Notes:________________


Was heating unit operated? Y____N____If no, reason:______________


Able to operate heating unit with normal op. controls? Y____N____


Gas Units: Ignition - Standing Pilot____Direct Ignition____

Expansion Tank(s) present? Y____N____Location_________________

Firing: Note evidence of improper ignition________________________

Yellow Flame? Y____N____Height of Flame______________________

Circulation Pumps operate properly during cycle? Y____N____

Circulation Pumps shut down properly after cycle? Y____N____

Supply Line Water Pressure____________________________________

Boiler Operating Pressure_____________________________________


Unit exhausted to: Chimney____Direct Vent_____Notes:_____________

Vent Material______________________________________________

Condition of Exhaust Vent Material______________________________

Evidence of gaps / leakage of exhaust gases? Y____N____

Test for Carbon Monoxide / Exhaust Gases? Y____N____

Is Chimney shared with another combustion appliance? Y___N____


Type of Outlets: Cast Iron____Fin type____Baseboard Units____

Presence of Heat Source in each room? Y____N____

Evidence of Leakage at Radiators? Y____N____

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