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About Our Home Inspection Resource

is intended to educate home buyers (and sellers) about the home inspection process.

   In the past, many of my home inspection clients were ill-informed about their inspection.

They had so many questions:

What will the inspector look for?
How do I prepare for the inspection?
Should I be present for the home inspection?
Are other services like radon testing included in the price?
All these questions and more are answered here to help your home purchase move along to the next step. 

Who Are We?

    My name is Ken Reed, and I maintain this website. I am a former home inspector who is familiar with all aspects of home inspections.
So why spend our time maintaining a website?
   Because people need and deserve accurate, unbiased information about home inspections and mortgages. For most, buying a home is one of the biggest commitments and expenditures that they will ever make, and we feel that there is a need for a resource that will provide the knowledge that people need without an ulterior motive.

We're not selling anything - we're not in the business of selling home inspections, servicing your mortgage, promoting a home inspection organization, bank, or lending institution.  

How we got here

    I realized that the best part of performing home inspections was HELPING people- alerting them to potential issues with the home they were purchasing, educating them about their home inspection report, and doing my part to help them realize the American dream of owning a home.

   In early 2011, after burning the candle at both ends for many years, I realized that I had too many pokers in the fire. Family, hobbies, and other work commitments took up a huge slice of my time, and something needed to be put aside.

   At that point, I asked myself what I liked about performing home inspections, and came to the conclusion that I liked being a source of helpful information to those who came to me for an inspection. You know - the guy who could answer their questions, calm their anxiety about issues that were found, and simply inform them about the different systems and components in the home. I wanted to continue doing that.

   And...I discovered that I liked to tinker around with building and maintaining websites.

    So, I converted my home inspection "business" site into a source of unbiased information about inspections. The information that is included here serves everyone.

   The home inspection client can learn about their inspection, the home inspector can learn a few new bits of information, and the real estate agent can be assured that their buyers are getting unbiased, non-alarmist information about perhaps one of the most anxious aspects of buying a home.

   It's no secret that the home inspection can "make or break" a real estate transaction; this website seeks to do neither. Let's face it - home inspectors are in the business of selling home inspections, and their websites may attempt to raise questions in the mind of the potential client in order to secure their business. Banks and lending institutions are in the business of lending you money in order to earn interest over the course of your mortgage term. 

This resource presents information in such a way that home buyers are informed about the different aspects of the inspection rather than alarmed at what their home inspection may bring.

Real estate agents and realty companies are encouraged to link to our resource so that their buyers can be educated about the home inspection process. The buyer's mortgage questions can also be addressed in order to streamline the mortgage application and get them on the fast track to home ownership.  


Questions or concerns about home inspections?
Please feel free to ask a Home Inspection question.

All email is directed to ken@altasup.com and all responses will come from ALTASUP@gmail.com.

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