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Printable Moving Checklist

A Checklist to Help you Plan Your Big Move 

6 weeks before moving:

  •   Look at what you own. Decide if it goes or stays 
  •   Consider organizing a garage sale for the things you don't want
  •   Start thinking about where your furniture will go in the NEW houseLISTS icon

4 weeks before moving:

  •   notify the post office, credit cards, magazine subscriptions of your move
  •   notify utilities (gas, water, electric, cable, phone)
  •   make sure to leave utilities ON until moving day!
  •   pack seldom used things like old dishes, pictures and art
  •   get the garage sale DONE so you have less to worry about

3 weeks before moving day:

  •   get started on the serious packing
  •   label all boxes by item and/or room where they will go
  •   prioritize the box labels as far as LOADED FIRST, UNPACKED FIRST, etc
  •   make sure you have all personal records, medical records, etc
  •   contact doctors, dentists and providers
  •   make any necessary travel arrangements for your move (hotels, etc)
  •   plan your meals to use up frozen foods and refrigerated items
  •   arrange with the realtor or owner to go in and CLEAN your new home
  •   contact the kids' schools, and have them forward their records

2 weeks before the big day:

  •   make arrangements for pet care on moving day
  •   transfer any recurrent prescriptions to a drugstore in your new location
  •   notify your bank of the move, start accounts in new location if necessary
  •   check home insurance and transfer if necessary
  •   Google the newspaper in your new town and subscribe to it
  •   cancel current newspaper delivery

1 week before:

  •   pack your personal "moving day" items in a suitcase
  •   get the current bills paid-up to smooth the process
  •   pack all prescriptions, checkbooks, eyeglasses, spare keys and so on
  •   get a babysitter for moving day if possible
  •   remove any fixtures in the house that you're taking to the new house

A few days before:

  •   finish the packing in time for the movers to load
  •   arrange to pay the movers
  •   give explicit directions to the movers, if you use a mover
  •   ask about their damage policies in case they damage any items
  •   inquire about the mover's unloading policies and item inspection
  •   give the movers your cell # and the new home number
  •   let the local police know you're moving in case of a break-in, etc.



  •   pack all your "open first" boxes, including blankets, pillows and sheets
  •   give the house a "once-over" for forgotten or overlooked items
  •   clean up the house as time permits after everything is packed
  •   verify your delivery time with the movers
  •   check off boxes and items as they're unloaded from the truck
  •   arrange for pet-sitting at the new location until you're settled in   


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