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 Our Privacy Policy

   I'm not good at legal lingo, so bear with me. 

   I think we can all agree that we all get plenty of spam mail, advertisements, and unsolicited garbage in our email.

    Heck, some guy in South Africa has emailed that my rich uncle there has died and left me millions...8 times.
    And if I get one more phone call from a guy trying to sell me inspection tools or software, I may throw myself under a garbage truck.

   So I know how you feel when it comes to privacy.
Here's How We Operate:

   If you submit a business listing to us, we include only what you specify that you want included in the listing. Nothing more or less.

   If you include an email or phone number for your listing, there is always the possibility that some 45-yr-old dude who lives in his mom's basement will email or call you.

   Probably while eating Cheetos in an Alf t-shirt and admiring the lint collection in his navel.

   But I can't help that...once the information is published to the website, it's in the public domain. Anyone can see it, click your website link, or call your number.


   You can rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with a list-builder or mass-marketing campaign by anyone affiliated with the Home Inspection Information Resource.
Your home inspection listing is there to create business for you, not headaches, and we take that seriously.

   If you click on an affiliate link from this website (there are only a few), then you should know that you are subject to THEIR privacy policy regarding any information that you submit to them, so be careful with what you share with them. Read THEIR privacy policy carefully.

   Okay, that's about all. No lawyer required. Have a great day, and I hope you find the information on this website useful.
                                       - Ken


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