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Starting Your Home Inspection Business

   Once you become a certified Home Inspector, you'll want to decide how to start your business. There are several options available to you. You can start your OWN independent business, or opt to join a home inspection franchise. Admittedly, since I ran my own business, I'm not very familiar with how a franchise arrangement works, but you can check out this option online. Personally, I got a great sense of achievement and independence from running my own business, but this option may not be right for you. You may prefer to be part of a team effort and benefit from the collective effort and knowledge of a home inspection franchise. That's something that you'll need to decide on your own. I'm not here to sway you in one direction or the other, I'm just here to help you get started and offer you some tips and advice. This web site will concentrate on getting you started with your OWN Home Inspection business -

- Home Inspection ORGANIZATIONS and your relationship with that organization
- insurance requirements for your Home Inspection business
- tools and supplies you'll need as a Home Inspector
- starting a web site for your Home Inspection business
- how to draw traffic to your Home Inspection web site
- how to gain the trust of your Home Inspection clients and grow your business
- how to deal with real estate agents
- how to conduct yourself during a Home Inspection
- cost-effective ways to advertise your Home Inspection business
- beating the Home Inspection competition in your particular area
- pricing your Home Inspection services
- ancillary (additional) Home Inspection services that you may consider offering
- where to get additional training for ancillary Home Inspection services

Home Inspection LLC or Sole Proprietor?

   As you'll see, if you decide to register your Home Inspection business with the state as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) rather than a sole proprietorship, there are distinct advantages.

   Limited Liability means exactly what it says.
   There is a real possibility that during the course of your Home Inspection career, you'll mess up. By that I mean - you'll MISS something during your inspection and your home inspection client will not be pleased. That's where the benefit of an LLC comes in.
   You'll be required to carry business insurance no matter WHERE you do business (in the U.S. at least). But if you make a major screw-up, your decision to form an LLC can protect you from bankruptcy and further litigation will prove to be a good one.
   As an LLC, your liability ends at the assets that your business possesses. In other words, if you make a serious error or omission on your Home Inspection report and a court determines that you made a mistake, the home inspection client can only take the assets associated with your business. Your personal assets - home, automobile and so on, are safe from seizure in order to satisfy a judgement against your Home Inspection business.
   For that reason alone, I would urge you to form an LLC rather than a sole proprietorship when forming your Home Inspection business.

   The easiest way to do this (form an LLC) would be to use an online service such as Legalzoom. They can file your LLC for you in a very short time and have you "up and running". Legalzoom can also help you choose a business name, arrange for a Sales Tax Identification number for your business, and send your Articles of Organization to you within a few weeks. This is how I formed MY own business, and it helps you to avoid numerous pitfalls and delays with your state licensing department while trying to form an LLC by yourself. I would recommend it for anyone starting an LLC  business. It's just so much faster and easier than filling out numerous forms on your own. They guide you through the steps of forming your business LLC with explanations of everything along the way. 


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