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Pool  Safety Fences

    Pool fences play a critical role in keeping your swimming pool area safe. If properly installed and maintained, pool fences provide a barrier between your swimming pool and neighborhood children and pets, and prevents any unsupervised use of the pool area. It also serves to limit the liability of the homeowner as long as the pool fencing is installed according to state and local guidelines.

     A pool safety fence can also provide a measure of privacy for those using the pool area. If the pool safety fence is a solid construction, such as a wood, vinyl, or masonry block fence, it can serve to dampen the noise generated by a group of children playing in the pool as well.  

    In most areas of the U.S., pool fences are mandated by law. Additionally, some states and communities have strict guidelines regarding the minimum and maximum height of pool fences.  In some cases, a permit is required in order to install a pool safety fence as well. Check the guidelines for your state or municipality to be sure that you are in compliance when installing a pool safety fence.

Height of Pool Safety Fences

    The general rule of thumb is that the fence must be a minimum of 48" high, but some states and safety organizations recommend a height of 54" or 60" as an additional measure of protection against unauthorized access to the swimming pool area. My common sense tells me that the 60" fence would provide the most protection for preventing small children from climbing over it.

    The pool safety fence should entirely enclose the pool area. The fenced-in area may include only the area immediately adjacent to the pool, or it may enclose the entire front or back yard area containing the pool. The exterior walls of the home itself may constitute part of the fence barrier, as long as certain other safety apparatus is provided, such as door and window alarms.

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