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Swimming Pools and Pool Safety Inspections

    One of the optional services that a home inspector may offer is a swimming pool safety inspection. This portion of the home inspection is generally not included in the price of the home inspection, so in most cases, a client will pay an additional fee for the service since not all homes have a swimming pool.
    A home inspector will check the swimming pool and the pool area for safety issues that might put swimmers at risk of injury, or worse - drowning.
    While a home inspector will check for safety issues around the swimming pool, be aware that most home inspectors are not equipped or qualified to perform a complete swimming pool assessment as it relates to the operational aspects of the pool. By that I mean that an inspector can not, or will not, evaluate the efficiency or reliability of pool equipment such as pumps, filters, and cleaning apparatus. For this, a home buyer is advised to contact a pool service provider to check for proper operation of any swimming pool components that are related to cleaning, filtering or pumping the pool water.

    When buying a home with a swimming pool, the buyer should have a home inspector check the pool well before the contingency date of the real estate contract. This will allow time for negotiations with the seller and for repairs to be made in case there is a major defect with the pool. If a problem is discovered, the buyer will also need time to get repair estimates from contractors, so it is best to have the pool inspection done early, just like with the home inspection itself.

    A torn or damaged pool liner or safety fencing that is in poor condition can be quite expensive to repair, and as a home buyer, you don't want to be stuck with that repair bill.

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