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What Does a Home Inspector Look For?

Some things we've seen...Here are some of the things we've found during home inspections.  Some are safety-related, some are conditions that might evolve into problems later (if left unresolved), and some are cosmetic or maintenance issues. 

Can you see the problem with this hot water heater?  Give up?
The copper pipe connected to the TPRV (temperature pressure relief valve)
does not extend close enough to the floor.  There is a danger of scalding
here, if someone is nearby when the water heater vents through the valve.

This picture shows a waste vent pipe terminating in the attic, instead
of outdoors as it should.
  The occupants wondered why the attic "smelled funny".


Here we have a dryer vent terminating in the attic area. This situation can result in excess moisture in the attic area, and contribute to damaged insulation, mold growth, and premature roof failure.

Notice the service conductor has pulled away from it's anchor on the corner of this building? 
  I see a power outtage or worse yet, a fire, in this homeowner's future.

Here we see a positively STELLAR insulation job.  Poor insulation coverage like this lets heat and moisture escape into the attic, heating the roof surface and causing ice dams, roof leakage, and ultimately a BIG repair bill.

How's the saying go?  "Necessity is the mother of destruction"?  This homeowner hacked off a
few floor joists for a new chimney.  This is not a proper support for the floor above.

An electrifying situation.  The insulation has worn off this wire. It's safe to say that this service conductor is at the end of it's useful service life.

This picture shows a close-up of the soffits of a home (above a window). Notice the duct tape
holding it to the building?  Larry The Cable Guy would be SO proud!

photo- live electrical wiring



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