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What Does a Swimming Pool Safety Inspection Include?

    A home inspector will check the swimming pool and the pool area for safety concerns. The inspector will look for things like tripping hazards, obvious damage or defects related to to pool structure and pool equipment, the condition of walkways around the pool.

    Generally, a home inspector will:

(  ) check the general operating condition of the pool
(  ) visually check the condition of the pool liner
(  ) visually check the condition of the walls and floor of the swimming pool
(  ) note the general condition of the circulation pump(s)
(  ) check the general condition of vacuum pumps, cleaning apparatus, and water  conditioning equipment
(  ) check the general condition of any pool heaters that are present
(  ) check skimmers and drains for any obvious damage or defects that might  ensnare or injure a swimmer
(  ) verify that any pool chemicals in the area are safely stored
(  ) check for the presence of, and condition of, any rescue equipment in the pool  area
(  ) check the condition of all ladders and verify the presence of a pool ladder on each end of the pool
(  ) verify that the pool has depth markings on the outside of the pool
(  ) check that the pool is in full view of the home with no obstructions
(  ) make sure that all pool lighting is secure
(  ) verify that the pool is properly fenced to prevent unauthorized use of the swimming pool
(  ) verify that pool fence latches are on the inside of the fence, and that they are self-closing latches
(  ) check the pool safety fencing and latches for proper height
(  ) verify that the water level of the pool is high enough for swimmers to easily exit the pool
(  ) check for protrusions at the water's edge
(  ) check the condition of all walkways and sidewalks near the pool for defects that might be a safety hazard
(  ) check the drainage around the pool and verify that rain water is directed away from the pool
(  ) verify that all pool equipment is protected by a GFCI to prevent shock or electrocution
(  ) verify that all overhead electrical wires are at the proper height, and that they are the proper distance from the pool area



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