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Why get a Swimming Pool Safety Inspection?

     A swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have - hours of relaxation, cooling off in the hot summer weather, and gathering with friends and family around the pool  are all part of the fun.

    But all too often, the fun turns into tragedy when a loved one drowns or is seriously injured in a pool incident. I have children, and I cannot even imagine the pain and anguish if I were to lose a child to such a horrible death. Pets are prone to drowning as well....several thousand die each year in swimming pools.

    I won't bore you with a bunch of statistics, but I will mention that about 300 children under the age of 5 die in the U.S. each year due to drowning or swimming pool-related accidents.

    Think about it...that's roughly 6 children per state, and there's nothing saying that your child could not be among that number. Let your guard down for even a minute with regards to pool safety, and the results could be tragic.

    Every component of the pool and the pool area has the potential to injure or kill those using the pool, and the home inspector will probably point out things that you never dreamed might be a hazard.

     For instance, he may notice something like a cracked sidewalk around the pool. Not a big deal, right? But it is: a child who is distracted by the commotion around a busy pool might trip on the cracked sidewalk, strike his head on the pool edge while falling into the swimming pool, and drown before anyone notices. See how even the smallest defect can be magnified when it applies to a dangerous area like a swimming pool?

  That is why a pool safety inspection is so important. Every single thing that you can do to make your pool area a safer place is well worth the time, effort and expense. Having a home inspector perform a swimming pool safety inspection is your first line of defense in the effort to keep your pool area safe and enjoyable for your family.



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